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    Electrolytic capacitor papers are used in aluminium electrolytic capacitors as a base material to absorb the electrolyte, forming the cathode in aluminium electrolytic capacitors together with the electrolyte. Electrolytic capacitor papers are the leading products of KAN. Thus far, KAN has developed 11 series totaling about 100 varieties of electrolytic capacitor papers, capable of meeting the capacitor performance requirements under high, medium and low voltage conditions.
    Technical Expertise
    High Purification
    Low Loss
    Low Impedance
    KAN takes its unique technology of dissociative displacement in acid treatment to highly purify the wood pulp and that ensures the chemical pureness of KAN electrolytic paper at the world’s advanced level.
    KAN electrolytic capacitor paper is made of special filament material, with unique method of fiber distribution, to ensure the demands of electrolytic capacitor on low loss.

    KAN adopts the international advanced compound technology of double layers and double densities, ensuring KAN electrolytic capacity paper to perform the ability of both high voltage and low impedance, by way of compounding different shrinkage of high tightness layer and low tightness layer.

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